College Education Requirements to Become an Airline Pilot

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Piloting is one of the most glamorous, appealing and exciting jobs and only a few pursue it seriously to make it their career. With a good knowledge, planning and willpower anyone from any walk of life can make this dream come true. Many people who are serious about becoming an airline pilot have questions about prerequisites and majors they should choose and degrees they should get in order to reach their goal. They wonder if they need an aviation degree or whether they have to attend an aviation college to become an airline pilot. Although a college degree is not a requirement to become an airline pilot, it is definitely an added advantage while applying for jobs with major airlines. Reputed airlines have a preference for those who possess a bachelor’s degree or at least two years of college experience. With a bachelor's degree in hand you might score better while competing against other applicants who might have a 2- year degree or any other Advanced degrees. You could also pursue an online bachelor’s degree while flying as a professional pilot. You could attend a 4-year...

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