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Education needs to be affordable to all, but the notion that everyone should go to college in order to get a good job ignores reality. Education is an important pillar that facilitates economic well being of a person and improves the human resources in a country across various industries. However, there is an increasing number of Americans enrolling for college degree programs, but there is a mismatch of market requirements and what most people attain. Attaining a college degree is seen as the main avenue through which to attain Middle Class status in America, and this view ignores the fact that degrees do not have similar job prospects as well as the potential of oversupply in college degrees. This paper focuses on reasons as to why not all students should get the four years bachelor’s degree and offers alternatives to these programs.
Having a college degree increases one’s job prospects, but with increased number of graduates there is no guarantee that money spent is worth it. In essence, having university education for all simply seeks to churn out more graduates without focusing on the economic fundamentals and cost implications of college education. Mounting debt burdens on graduates is a cause of concern because this impacts negatively on their financial stability. The promise of a well paying job is not guaranteed meaning that for some students it would be better to engage in vocational areas. In any case, colleges try to get as much money as possible from students meaning that it is becoming increasingly costly to study in colleges, and government subsidies simply increases the quest for more university education.
The college degree does not necessarily lead to success in life, even in the modern world where ther...

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...should also be encouraged as people gain skills and work in the real world. Time spent working, offers useful insights on skills in demand in specific industry, and this is beneficial to people who are likely to drop out of school with no experience or skill.
Essentially, college education is necessary, but not all people should attain a bachelor’s degree as there are alternative routes through which to gain experience in tune with market demands. The cost of college education is one of the deterrents to attaining degrees, and the likely increase in cost over time will lead to higher dropout rates. The value placed on a bachelor’s degree is misplaced because it is no guarantee of success in life. Thus, attaining experience complimented with vocational training should also be on the agenda in educational reforms because not all people can fit in the college systems.
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