College Dropout In College

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Success in life is not always preceded by an educational degree, maybe that’s why college dropout rates increase. Many students don’t finish college for different reasons; whether it is personal or educational. A personal reason that may affect a student in college is because of how their raised. Another reason is that majority of students dropping out from college admits that they are under prepared for college level work. There are many other reasons why students drop out, however the main reason why students are dropping out of college is because of the drastic increase in tuition. Obviously, education is considered a survival kit for security of occupancy and financial stability. Truly, many high school graduates who are enrolled in college find themselves dropping out of school in their first year of college. Nevertheless, the boards and government are conducting ways to decrease dropout rates. In the article, “Freedom to Fail? The Board’s Role in Reducing College Dropout Rates.” by Stan Jones says, “ To retain students, boards should consider an approach to governance that reduces the time it takes for a student to graduate, lessens the number of choices, and provides more predictability and structure.”(Jones, Stan 20-23) At least the Boards and Government is taking charge of this issue because college dropout increasing and that can affect the future of this country. Although going to college in the United States is a high demand, there are many students who drop out in their first year school due to, high tuition, inadequate academic preparations and how their raised.
One of the main reasons why students drop out is because of how they are raised. Parenthood is very important in a child’s life. Many parents don’t know th...

... middle of paper ... finish college and get a degree, but because of financial difficulties their goal remains a dream.
College dropout rates are increasing every year for many different reasons. Whether it’s how the kids were raised by their parents or their not prepared enough for higher education. Another reason why students are dropping out of college today is because of the tremendous increase in tuition. Tuition is becoming unaffordable to many students because of the economy and budget cuts, students have to rely on an outside income. Although the boards and government are trying to fix this problem, if the economy doesn’t get better the tuition will continue to rise. The students shouldn’t suffer because of other political issues. In this generation college is very important and finding a career is competitive, therefore education and obtaining a degree is very helpful.