College Dropout Causes

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Main causes for students dropping out of college In a world where having a college degree is becoming more essential than ever, most of the students struggle with completing their degrees. With the dropout rates at an all-time high, they have become one of the main causes of unemployment, poverty and even addiction among adults. The fear of dropout in colleges also has led to many students not even considering a degree in the first place. There are many causes which has led to an ever increasing rate of students dropping out of college.

The primary reason why most college drop outs happen is that students have to work. Having to work in order to pay for tuition costs and other life costs has caused students to deal with a
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With the stress among college students at an all-time high, depression and stress has become another factor for college dropouts. Particularly, college freshmen are the ones more exposed to depression and stress. A 2014 research on more than 150,000 college freshmen found out that 9.5 percent of respondents had frequently felt depressed during their college year.4 Studies also showed that students are studying more and socializing less which can affect their mental health and cause them to feel under pressure. Some students have bad sleeping habit which can lead to unproductiveness and insomnia, this can lead to severe mental problems. It is critical for students to establish a balance between college and social life and also get enough sleep. Also, they must seek medical treatment and reach out for therapists to deal with college…show more content…
With lack of support from universities, government and family, students find themselves alone in the pursuit of achieving their academic degree. Whether these dropouts are because of work, unpreparedness for college, financial problems or any other unforeseen circumstances, most of the time they have a major negative impact on lives of individuals. Even though college can be a frustrating time for most of the students, it can be managed by smart planning and balancing college and out of college
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