College Drinking Is Out Of Hand

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College Binge Drinking is Out of Hand American culture is often described as “the best four years of your life”. What this cliché omits is the negative flip side to this expectation: they don’t tell us is what to expect while in college. The college experience is filled with many opportunities like, making new friends, finding your passion, and learning to grow up. However, with these opportunities come choices such as the choice to focus on your studies or to party and drink your college years away. College drinking has become such a big part of the college experience that students are willing to fight for it as one of their student rights. College binge drinking is getting out of control and causing dangerous situations for students such as death, injuries, physical and sexual assault, and being less academically successful. Although college is supposed to be a time to experience new things and find yourself, that does not mean it has to result in the amount of drinking that goes on. I believe that students think of college as just a time to party and that they do not take into consideration all the many different things to be done other than drinking like, sports, clubs, jobs, and the list could go on. Also, college is expensive therefore, your studies should be more important and come first. There will be plenty of other chances in your life to party the night away. Binge drinking is an issue that every single college faces. Whether or not you chose to participate in binge drinking is up to you. Although it is true that not every student likes or wants to drink, there still are a high amount that do. In an article posted by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), according to a nationally co... ... middle of paper ... ...aight and focus on more important thing such as their education that they are paying thousands of dollars to get, rather than focusing a lot on drinking. There will be plenty of time later on in life to party hard and to have fun drinking with friends, but now is not that time. The school board needs to come up with a plan to help promote the negative effects that alcohol can have on you, an easy way to do this would be through education, activities, rally’s and so on. The law enforcement needs to take action as well by cracking down on all the underage drinking that goes on, especially in college. Rather than thinking about how “drunk” I’m going to get to night, students should be thinking about their future and the negative effects alcohol can have on them. Students need to keep in mind that how well they do in college, is what will determine their future.

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