College Courses In High School

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Enrolling in college courses at Brunswick High School can help students achieve their desired level in their career not only quicker, but also, more cheaply and more efficiently. A lot of students are rising through the High School hierarchy. Almost all students would like college to be as quick and easy as possible. One solution to this problem is taking college courses and earning college credits in high school. At BHS, college courses should be made more available because it can make college a lot cheaper, a lot shorter and students can gain crucial knowledge about their desired field of work before they enter the real world.
Making college courses more available at Brunswick High School, can make college as a whole, more affordable. For example, a student that enrolls in Post-Secondary Classes can earn college credits in high school without having to pay the outrageous cost of those same classes in college. The more money you can save in college the better, a lot of students need a surplus of money, and taking some college classes in high school will allow a student to have this abundance of money. Having extra money can really help a student get through college. The students in college need money for things like, dorm fees, book fees, transportation and many other costly things. This portion of an article written shows that not only tuition is expensive but a students attending college would need a good amount of spending money, “Going to college is an expensive venture. While tuition costs are clearly printed on schools' websites and in catalogs, the amount of spending money a college student needs may be difficult to determine.” (Karen Frasier) college funding can really add up.
Most students considering attending colleg...

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...gin your life on the right foot all because BHS made college courses more available. If BHS makes college courses more available, students can save money during college and they can also finish core classes so they can focus on their career subject and they would have a lot of knowledge from their college courses giving them a headstart on the their career. A headstart on not only your education but on your life can be helpful to everyone that’s why BHS should make college courses more available.

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