College Athletes Should be Compensated

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College Athletes Should be Compensated

Eddie is a poor boy growing up in a bad neighborhood. He's not too much different from any other boy, except for one thing. He is the most physically gifted athlete that the world has ever seen. His father is in jail and his mother has to work two jobs. Just because there was no way to go to college and impress the pros, the world missed out on watching the greatest athlete that may have ever walked the earth.

Everyday, people like Eddie are forced to drop out of school early because of financial trouble. It is also true that a large percentage of student-athlete recruits are from the low middle to lower class families. If more of these recruits had financial help from the school, they could continue their college education, instead of dropping out early. There is no way to tell how much excitement has been missed by not seeing these genuine athletes perform. There is a certain amount of dedication that goes in to college sports, and these NCAA slaves should be compensated for their work. Pay college athletes, it's the right thing to do.

One problem athletes have is paying for tuition. The tuition in schools is quite expensive. For example, it costs about $5,000 dollars per semester to go to the University of Las Vegas. If athletes were paid they could pay for tuition and many other financial problems that kids face in college. They could use the money for gas, food, laundry, and clothes. This is why a lot of students drop out, because they are sick and tired of having no money. Paying the hard working athletes would give a reward to the dedicated kids that give up their lives to play for the school. Some people say that athletes can get a job in their spare time that pays well en...

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that eddie is the most physically gifted athlete that the world has ever seen. his father is in jail and his mother has to work two jobs.
  • Opines that college athletes should be compensated for their dedication and dedication to college sports.
  • Explains that athletes have a problem paying for tuition and other financial problems that kids face in college. paying the hard-working athletes would reward the dedicated kids that give up their lives to play for the school.
  • Explains why college athletes should get paid because it would persuade them to stay in school longer and complete their education. scholarships only pay for schooling, but athletes want real money to do with it.
  • Opines that keeping a player in college for the full ride would give them more time to mature as athletes. matured athletes would perform at higher levels.
  • Opines that it's not enough to just give them free education because of the cost of living today.
  • Opines that college athletes aren't being rewarded enough for their efforts.
  • Explains that the national labor relations act gives athletes the right to organize and engage in concerted activity for the purpose of collective bargaining or other mutual aid.
  • Opines that the ncaa should do what's right and pay college athletes their dues. nbc paid $1,144,000 for the rights to televise college football games.
  • Narrates how michael waldrep's spinal cord injury paralyzed him from the waist down, and he wanted to help the cause for all college athletes.
  • Cites beauchamp, c.s.c., rev. e. william. "college athletes already are fairlycompensated." notre
  • Analyzes goperlud iii's "stipends for collegiate athletes: a philosophical spinon a controversial proposal" at the university of kansas school of law.
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