College Athletes Should Be Paid

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The NCAA does not pay college football athletes salary already and they should keep it that way. One reason college athletes play is to be recognized by NFL scouts because it is their dream to play professionally. They have risks playing football like injury and many other things, so some people say that the players should be paid salary so they have money to help with living, injury, etc. Some people will argue that they have the opportunity to make to the NFL and they also receive other things from the NCAA, so they should not be paid a salary. Overall the college athletes should not be paid salary to play college football because they receive financial living assistance, they receive free/or assisted pay for education to represent their …show more content…

First, some people think the college athletes should get salary paid by the college affiliates because they make enormous amounts of money. These people are mistaken sorely. The NCAA r other college affiliates actually put a great amount of money into the student football athletes. Things such as scholarships, financial living assistance and financial benefits from the NCAA all come out of them money they bring in each year. Salary would just replace the working system that is already in place for the college football players. Second, some people think that if college athletes receive gifts from the NCAA and/or gifts from other people in the form of money they should be paid salary instead. If the NCAA gives college football ot college athletes in general salary they are actually committing a crime. Accoring to the NCAA, “Pursuant to NCAA Bylaw, member institutions and conferences shall not use monies received from the fund for the following. Salaries and benefits...”(NCAA, 1). This is saying that anyone who receives money from the NCAA or anyone else and uses it for a salary is a punishable crime. If the players receive salary then, rules would have to be changed enormously because of the huge restrictions of receiving money for playing and for salary. The gifts that the NCAA give are not salary they are the equivalent to a bonus a few hundred dollars for reaching a high achievement. Lastly, some people think that the college players risk their lives every game. According to the NCAA, “The NCAA provides all student-athletes at all active member institutions coverage under the catastrophic program, and the NCAA pays 100 percent of the current $13.5 million premium. This program provides $20 million in

In this essay, the author

  • Argues that college athletes should not be paid salary to play college football because they receive financial living assistance, free/or assisted pay for education to represent their school, and they lose the love or track of the game.
  • Explains that college football athletes can receive pell grants from the government if they are unable to pay for college. the national collegiate athletic association (ncaa) has a student assistance fund.
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