College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Pay or no Pay for College Athletes
The debate on whether college- athletes should be paid or not has formed the main agenda in discourse that relate to college games. There is a growing call among many stakeholders for the introduction of a compensation program that would remunerate college athletes who participate in various sporting activities. There are numerous credible arguments as to why college athletes should be paid, but a majority of such arguments fail due to the reason that the fundamental duty of the university is not to entertain but to educate. Proponents for payment of college athlete bases their argument on the ground that because announcers and coaches are paid, athletes should also be paid. Such a move is believed to attract …show more content…

While football and basketball players would receive payment without difficulties primarily because of the popularity of the two events, but the question is what amount would go to each student (Meshefejian 2). Finally, college athletes already get money; majority of colleges give notable services to the athletes, who are held to a greater level than the rest of the students. They also have access to the best gymnasiums, receive free health cover from injuries sustained, free food and perhaps most importantly free …show more content…

The NCAA formulated a form of athletic scholarship that avoided unionization and wages for college athletes. In the same vein, this would have made sense in the early decades of the 20th century but not today when college athletic generate billions of dollars and require total commitment and tremendous efforts from athletes. Payment of college athletes is necessary because it is appropriate that the one who helps create value should at least share a portion of that value. It is essential to rethink the concept of amateurism because prevailing environment and changes over the years have rendered it obsolete (Institute of Sports Law and Ethics 3). The huge sums of money generated by educations institutions and the degree of commitment majority of college athletes make in order to be successful should be considered.
This paper has provided grounds why college athletes should be paid and why they should not be paid. It is evident that the body that was created (NCAA) to control and regulate college sporting activities is loath to allow payment of student on the basis that the scholarship provided is adequate. It has been illustrated that such scholarships are not commensurate with the cost of attendance, commitment and

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