College Athletes Should Be Paid

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College football and basketball athletes should be paid College players receive an athletic scholarship which pays for the education, but nothing else. The majority of football and basketball players can not afford food, and some can’t even afford college. Getting a full scholarship is undoubtedly a very valuable opportunity for the players to have a fantastic education, but many division one student athletes go for sports rather than education. Many people see the games these players play, but don’t see them at school. These student athletes have a full schedule full of their sport, and little time for their education. Division One basketball, and football athletes, should be paid because they are the ones who make the NCAA money and they …show more content…

ESPN generated 7.3 billion dollars from people gambling on there website. Last season, Ohio State University made 40 million dollars because they won the BCS championship ( While the players worked very hard, they get paid nothing. Without the hard work and dedication from the football players, the NCAA wouldn’t exist. Marvin Williams, former UNC star basketball player said this, “You go to Chapel Hill and try to go to a Carolina-Duke game, good luck trying to find a ticket. It’s nationally televised. There’s so much money that goes behind just one basketball game. I do think the players from both sides should definitely see some type of benefit.” ( Former Oklahoma running back, Adrian Peterson, comments on the urgent need to pay athletes and says, "I feel like as much money as universities make, I feel that some of that money should be given down to the players as well because we are the ones that are making this university money," Peterson said. "These bowl games? Without the players, how much money to do they make? None." Peterson also added some thoughts on playing college basketball,"I hear that they're trying to make basketball players go two years to college," the 2012 MVP said, unprompted. "Wow. I wonder why? Just think about it. Imagine

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  • Argues that college football and basketball athletes should be paid because they make the ncaa money and are the real workers.
  • Explains that the national collegiate athletic association can afford to give all division one athletes money to spend on food and other necessities. the ncaa receives $700,000 every 30 seconds in advertising during march madness.
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