College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Sarah Turney
Mrs. O’Neal
October 28, 2014

Argument Essay More and more people are bringing to attention the issue of possibly paying college athletes for their work. In fact, paying these athletes seems to be becoming more of a reality every year. According to the athletes themselves, their hard work should be rewarded by receiving some sort of payment; however, the NCAA believes that since they are students first, athletes second, they should receive no compensation (Pattern 1a). As this issue becomes more of a concern, the NCAA should rethink their morals and allow these hardworking student-athletes to receive reimbursement for their endless work. The National Collegiate Athletic Association, or NCAA, was established …show more content…

Experts have said that most ‘regular’ students wouldn’t want to be a student athlete “if they knew everything that it entailed”, such as long days, busy schedules, no free time (Newton) (Pattern 4). However, even though they are students first, athletes second, that doesn’t mean that being an athlete is their job. Other college students can be paid for their work, so athletes should be paid for their work as well. Other people may say that college athletes shouldn’t be paid since they are getting a free education through scholarships. The NCAA claims that they give the money they earn back towards the “student-athletes through distributions and services”, but that money is really going towards renovations for the stadiums and bank accounts of the coaches, not towards the players directly (NCAA). The majority of people who oppose paying athletes pose the question of how one would come about paying each athlete. Since every athlete is a part of the team, should all players be paid the same amount? How much (Pattern 19a)? Should the star football player at Alabama be paid the same amount as a golf player at Rice? If they don’t get paid the same amount, the lower paid athletes could protest for higher wages. Judges have taken this into consideration, and have said that “starting in 2016, athletes in top football and men’s basketball programs may receive a minimum of …show more content…

With all the revenue and profit the athletes bring in for their school, athletes believe that they should receive at least a small portion of the profits. The NCAA’s codes are making it harder and harder for athletes to survive the college life as their rules get stricter. The more the NCAA tries to keep from paying athletes, the more student-athletes will fight back (Pattern 16). Worker’s compensation, not harsh rules, will satisfy the student-athlete population and bring an end to this controversial debate (Pattern 16a). Works Cited
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