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Every person who begins a college career has a multitude of reasons for doing so. Some people do it because they are expected to get a college degree. Others do it hoping for a better life than they could have without a college degree. I am not entering college for either of these reasons. I am a high school dropout who believes I can do better than I did. Therefore, my reasons for beginning college are some what different than the average person starting college for the first time. I have something to prove to myself. I want to prove that I can earn a college degree.

I am beginning college after a long hiatus from the academic world. You see I dropped out of high school in 1973 after completing my sophomore year. I was young and in love with the man to whom I am still married. School was never a problem for me, however; I was eager to begin my adult life and high school was not part of my plan. I wanted children right away. Subsequently I gave birth to my first child, Tosha, in 1974 and education became the furthest thing from my mind. After all, I had a baby to care for and love. Twenty-two months later I had a son, Jason.

I was a stay at home mom with two children. I didn’t begin work until both of them were school-aged. I held various jobs until 1985 when I became employed at Andover Togs in Pisgah. I still had not completed my high school education at this point. My children had always me to get my GED. I had excuse after excuse for no...