Collective Sentention Process In The Southern Company Negotiation Case

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(Sheetal J Makavana) A negotiation process that occurs between employers (or their representatives) and the representatives of a union to negotiate issues that consists of wages, hours of work and other conditions of employment. Normally results in a written contract that is defined by specific time duration – ‘life of the contract’ is defined as collective bargaining. Union representative Sheetal, Jone’s and Rigley did collective bargaining in Southern Company negotiation case. Sheetal played. M. Bemis in this negotiation exercise. The internal negotiation illustrated the challenge I have to go through negotiating with my own union members. The Union team had same goal but each member’s area of emphasis was different such as Jones argued for job-security where as I emphasized on per hour salary hike. I understand as a good…show more content…
The negotiation turned into a threatening game as mentioned by Fisher, Ury, & Patton (2011), “threats can lead to counterthreats in an escalating spiral that can unhinge a negotiation and even destroy a relationship”. To avoid any no-deal situation half way in the negotiation it was essential for us” to reach an agreement that meets [our] own self –interest” (Fisher et al., 2011, p.61) for which “[we] need to develop a solution that also appeals to the self-interest of the other.” (Fisher et al., 2011 p.61). I invented the option of using the management’s previous statement” brand name and business is of prime most importance for Southern” to creatively communicate the logical consequences of sub-contracting work and unrevised wage and benefit plan to achieve the union’s and the management’s
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