Cold War Rivalry

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The cold war era is when America was at its most suspicious and paranoid. The cold war grew out of tensions that were post WWII. Two worldly super powers clashed over rivalry and one wanted to have more influence. This rivalry went for almost half of the 20th century, and led to many international incidents that almost brought both powers to a mutual destruction.
For the time of WWII the United States and the Soviet fought side by side as allies. Although they were allies with the same cause their partnership was a tense and rocky one. “The United States was always very concerned about the tyranny of Soviet communism and most importantly the blood thirsty ways of its leader Joseph Stalin.” (Taylor 2001) On the Soviet side, the Soviets had always resented the fact that America never really recognized them as legitimate part of the international community and because America delayed its entry into WWII, it resulted in millions of Russians dead. When WWII was over these accusations turned into both sides having a mutual sense of distrust for one another.
After WWII ended the Soviet Union began to do its expansion into Eastern Europe. This feed the paranoia of America thinking that the Soviet Union wanted to take over the world. The Soviets did not like the Americans interventional approach to foreign relations. They felt that they should be able to rule their country however they saw fit without being slapped on the hands by an outsider. The fact of the matter is that both sides had their reasons of hating the other and both sides were to blame for cold war and in some respect it might have even been inevitable.
Containment seemed to be the strategy of choice for the United States. This strategy also gave America a reason t...

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...ould change Russia’s relationship with the rest of the world. The first policy was “Glasnost” which meant political openness and the second was “Perestroika” which meant economic reform. It was not long that the hold that the USSR had over Eastern Europe was starting to fade. Each country replaced its government with a noncommunist one. In 1989 the Berlin Wall, which was the symbol of the cold war, was destroyed. The wall physically came down after Ronald Reagan challenged Gorbachev to “tear down this wall”. In 1991 the Soviet Union was dissolve and the cold war was over.
The cold war was the biggest event in the modern history of America. The cold war lasted for almost half a century and sparked most of the events that defined our country as a whole. Although it started as two superpowers in a competition for power, it ended with America gaining a great all.
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