Cold War Causes

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The Cold War was the perpetual rivalry that took place between the Soviet Union and The United States. The war was called the Cold War because no direct fighting took place between America and Russia. Instead, it was a war of words and threats. It was an ideological war based on ideas of communism and capitalism. The war never fully escalated because both powers knew that use of nuclear weapons would be disastrous, although, there was a nuclear arms escalation between both sides. The Truman Doctrine stated that it was America’s responsibility to contain communism. I think America should not have got involved in a war against communism and neither should China and Russia have rallied against democracy.
One of the main causes that led to the Cold War was America’s fear of communism, Harry Truman did not trust Joseph Stalin and thought that he would force communism on the world. The second cause was Russia’s fear of the atomic bomb and the opposition to capitalism. After the United States used the atomic bomb on Japan, they did not share their nuclear technology with Russia. During th...

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