Cold Sassy Tree's Southern Way of Life

Many people believe that Southern literature is no different from other types of literature, but in reality, they actually are quite different. In Olive A. Burns’ novel, Cold Sassy Tree, southern literature is easily recognizable from other types of literature through themes expressed by the tensions amid the North and the South, southern traditional beliefs, and social class. The North and South had major disputes and seemed as if they might not agree with one another. One of the main conflicts was slavery. The Northerners wished for slaves to be free, but the South wished for slaves to remain as normal. Besides the conflict between slavery, they additionally battled over which lifestyle was better. Because of the disagreements, it provoked the Northern people to have a deep animosity towards the Southern people and vise versa. Eventually, the Civil War occurred between the two in the United States. “The Civil War was the culmination of nearly forty years of tensions between the North and the South,” (Union, 171). Since there was such a crisis, there was no surprise that the towns...

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