Cold Floor Vs. Warm Room

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Those who put their lives on the line allowed others to live safely are now left having nowhere to go. Veterans were provided with nothing to return to their normal lifestyle instead, they’re living on the cold hard streets.Veterans that fought for their country should be honored for everything they’ve done, they play a huge role to protect others, but what really happens after their service? They witness tragic happenings in front of their eyes, they experience the extreme levels of fear to death, how can a person not remember those memories. With all of that occurring it will change a person dramatically, it’ll cause them to become overconfident to where they will fall and later land on the streets. Homeless Veterans should be allowed to enter to any shelter because, they have fought and protected our country and to provide them help from what the war has caused. Being away from family members and seeing lives being taken can lead to mental health issue. This causes the majority of veterans to end up living on pavements. Pete Dougherty, a senior policy on homelessness at the department of Veterans Affair did a research on homeless veterans where 70% have the history of being exposed to a combat, while the 20% to 33% were in combat, this all caused the psychological effect. During the Vietnam war, there was a high rate of homeless veterans. That statistic remains high, even today. In the article of “The Physiological Point” it stated, “ During the war, you were exposed to a lot of stress, confusion, anxiety, pain, and hatred. Then you were sent back home with no readjustment … no deprogramming of what you learned from the military, and no welcome home parades… no morals or control over your aggression. You find that there's nob... ... middle of paper ... ...lding a gun or having to kill someone. Veterans are people who are honored to fight and protect the United State, without them we would be useless. This is why letting veterans enter shelter can help them solve many problems and relieve what they have suffered from. If veterans were to enter the shelter freely with no problems then this can lead their future in a better path since they have nowhere else to go. The economic, the federal government, and the health state can affect veterans, but who’s there for them other than the shelter? Shelter provide them vouchers, available jobs and therapy sessions. Out of all the things they experience they deserve to enter shelters freely, they protected us to live in a safe state; we can repay them by giving what they gave us, peace. Thanks to the veterans we are able to live in peace therefore we shall help them get back up.

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