Colaborative Strategies In Reading Comprehension

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The Effectiveness of Implementation Collaborative Strategy in Teaching Students’ Reading Comprehension
Many students consider that reading comprehension is difficult to learn. The reason that makes reading difficult is because students’ ability and interest in understanding the interpretation of the sentences is still very low. Most of students feel bored whenever they need to read something and sometimes they do not understand what is the meaning conveyed on the text they have read. This kind of problem happened because the education system in Indonesia is still referring to the conventional method Teacher-Centered-Learning (TCL) where teacher is being the key of success of the students, while the students are passive. Thus it can be interpreted that in conventional learning strategy, the learning activities in the classroom entirely controlled by the teacher and students tend to be regarded as objects which only receive the learning materials. This kind of learning model will make students feel bored in learning process, therefore student’s learning activities become low because the teacher does not encourage students to learn together.
According to Sanjaya in 2009 (as cited in Fajarfanni, 2014) The success of implementation of learning strategy is highly depend on how teachers use learning methods.
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Wallace in 2003 and Sweet in 1993 (as cited in Khonamri, 2015) stated that critical readers as active readers who question, confirm, and judge what they read throughout the reading process. It means that a the reader should be able to recognize the purpose of the author and analyze the evidence given by the author. That is way that reading is one of important skill and through reading is an effective way to increase your interpretative

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