Cohabitation: The Story of Cynthia

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Cohabitation is portrayed as "the state or state of living together as mate and wife without being married (n.d.). The term additionally applies to individuals who live together on the grounds that they are not equipped to legitimately wed. Same-sex marriage has not been authorized in all parts of the United States, for instance, or in numerous nations. Some individuals decide to live together as an approach to try things out waters before they confer to a lawful marriage. They might decide to wed sometime or another. The other elective is that the few part up before they take the venture of formalizing the relationship. This paper tells the story of a young woman, Cynthia, and her family.

According to Strohm, “During a time of high separation rates, researchers have looked to recognize the forces that help the solidness of few relationships” (pg 3). Despite the fact that less examined than different unions, same-sex couples likewise speak to a unique opportunity to study consistency in few relationships. Most same-sex couples at present fail to offer the regulation that...
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