Cognitive Restructuring : Mental Imagery And Visualization

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1) Describe any small or significant changes experienced during and after this process. Did this project help address your stress? a) Cognitive Restructuring Reframing: I cannot say that all my problems are over or that I am an expert on these techniques, although cognitive restructuring allowed me to pay close attention to my attitude, how I perceive things and the way I react to them. b) Mental Imagery and Visualization: I have done this for almost a couple of months and I this is a much easier technique for me. I do find that it helps me relive my stress. Unlike cognitive restructuring, with mental imagery I feel more at control. I am able to guide my imagination anywhere I wish to and very seldom do I get distracted. c) Swimming: Swimming has been very helpful, not only do I know is good for me physically but I also feel better about myself psychologically. However it has been a challenge to practice this technique but is mostly due to the weather. Overall, I do feel a sense of accomplishment after I swim. I see it as the beginning process of getting back into a healthy lifestyle. d) Humor and laughter: So I added this technique half way into the process, although cognitive restructuring doe help I needed another outlet in which I could relieve my stress. I found that watching funny videos and laughing helped me take daily stressors off my mind. I particularly enjoy doing this activity by the end of the day when everyone is asleep. I can just sit in front of my computer and watch videos and laugh. Other times one of my face book friend and I just exchange funny picture and have a blast. 2) Were the exercises difficult? Or were they pretty easy? Explain. Besides cognitive restructuring, none was difficult; I actually had fun w... ... middle of paper ... ...ill extend the time I spend in the pool from 30 minutes to at least an hour. I really enjoy swimming at night when I am by myself, but perhaps I will also include my children a bit more in this routine, this will allow me to enjoy both swimming and the company of my children. c) Cognitive restructuring: I will continue to practice this technique as often and necessary. So far, I think I have been successful in identifying some of my behaviors before hand and diffuse my negative thinking before going any further. This is motivation enough for me to continue cognitive restructuring. d) Humor: I have so much fun watching goofy videos; I would definitively continue watching funny videos (I have never laughed so much). I do not know why I did not practice this technique before. I will continue to do this when I want to redirected or take my mind off stressors in my life.

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