Cognitive Psychology Essay

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“Cognitive psychology is the study of mental processes such as attention, language use, memory, perception, problem solving, creativity and thinking.” The processes of cognitive psychology also utilize the aspects of other psychological disciplines including: educational, social, personality, abnormal, developmental, and economic psychology. A cognitive psychologist’s main objective is to assess a person’s mental ability. My primary interest in researching this particular field in psychology is due to the fact that I am interested in the brain and how the brain causes us to become who we are.
A cognitive psychologist’s job description can range from diagnosing and helping someone with a learning disability to assisting lawyers and other
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Unlike other fields in psychology, cognitive psychologists must be involved with a great deal of research both at a clinical level as well as independently. Cognitive psychologists need to know how to apply what they learn from studies and use it as a guide when diagnosing patients. “Research is important in the field of cognitive psychology. Many cognitive psychologists are required to participate in research projects and publish their findings in peer-reviewed journals. It is important for cognitive psychologists to pursue their own research in areas that interest them, as well as to research specific projects dictated by employers and universities.” An important characteristic that one must possess in order to be a successful cognitive psychologist is being able to work independently as well as in a group setting. A researcher is then capable of pursuing his/her own visions and approaches to how the experiment needs to be carried out. It allows for individuals to add their unique abilities and personality to a project without dominating a particular research study. The research needs to be a collaborative effort in which everyone’s opinion is relevant and is utilized in an effective

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