Cognitive Complexity And Communication Case Study

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Perceptions, and how they might possibly influence me, whether I like it or not, I usually get them all wrong, then again I would rather not have to assume anything about someone. Passing judgment, assumptions or anything that makes me think twice about someone, I tend to stay away from, not because I can come off as passive aggressive, but because when I am wrong, I tend to feel like a jerk afterwards and I must apologize for my interpretation, and potentially misguided judgment. On the other hand, in the event of a crisis or conflict, a perception check can peel back the layers of influence, and expose the wound to continue with effective helpful healing, communication and the understanding of another individual’s circumstances.…show more content…
Second Canadian Edition 2015, Nelson Education LTD By, Adler, Rolls, Russell & Proctor Cognitive Complexity and Communication, Chapter Three, Learning Outcome 5 – Page 82 • (Making a direct connection to the person’s behaviour and how they directly impact me, or vice versa, allows no room for misinterpretation and opens a direct line of positive communication between both parties, and an individualized understanding of how each person works. Page 82, ADLER) Stereotyping, Chapter Three, Learning Outcome 1- Page 66 • (stereotype individuals before being informed. Page 66, ADLER) Identity Management, Chapter Two, Learning Outcome 5 – Page 55 & 56 • (How can I address Josie, in an open and meaningful way where I can erase the indifferences we have, and keep in mind myself, her influences and our workplace? Chapter two, pages 55-56 ADLER) Self- serving Bias, Chapter Three, Learning Outcome 3 – Page 77 & 78 • (I could have done something that could very well influence her behavior, but it wouldn’t explain why she is so impatient with the participants, or maybe it could. Page 77, ADLER) Health & Fatigue, Chapter Three, Learning Outcome 2– Page 71 • (health issue page 71, ADLER) Interpretation, Chapter Three, Learning Outcome 1– Page

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