Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as a Treatment Option

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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy as a Treatment Option Through the usage of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy techniques, patients are given a greater opportunity to challenge their mental disorder, avoiding many of the harsh effects of medication alone. Cognitive-Behavioral therapy revolves around the cognitive model, which establishes an understanding of how a person's perception of situations and thoughts often time have a direct causation of emotional and behavioral reactions( Beck Institute, Cognitive Model 2016). Essentially, the individual must accept that there is a problem, work to realize its source and develop a way to cope with their feelings in response to the problem that one may face. In a manuscript written by Stefan Hofmann, Anu…show more content…
Unlike medication, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy requires that the patient acts as an active participant in identifying, challenging, resolving, and maintaining. Throughout the course of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, the therapist gains an understanding of who the patient is, and they then introduce goal-setting as a means of attaining realistic progress established by one's self. One may emphasize the fact that therapy sessions may be very time-consuming, requiring sometimes up to ten sessions to reach a conclusion to treatment. Given this circumstance, medication may appear as a quicker and more effective treatment, however, by resorting to medication without identifying a source of conflict within one's self, the patient is ultimately dismissing what is needed to gain the skills to alter dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors, and adjust to one's thoughts and behaviors ( NIMH, Treatments and Therapies, March 2016). While considering this, much like therapy, time is needed for individuals to feel or see the results of medication, whether it be a change in physical health or change in thoughts and responses to scenarios that would usually place the individual in an anxious state of…show more content…
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy causes no physical alterations to the brain and allows the patients to change on their own, rather than medication, which causes changes in the patient. Through the usage of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as a way to treat Generalized Anxiety Disorder, the person is gaining a new set of skills that can be applied to everyday events for the rest of their life, not with just a focus on anxiety, and mental disorders. The person experiencing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is developing the skill set to think realistically, expose themselves to fears, relax, and maintain composure. The concept of realistic thinking revolves around replacing negative emotions with those that are more positive and comforting (Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy, August 2015). This is crucial to one's progress given that thoughts tend to set the tone for one's mood and behavior. By demonstrating acceptance of one's fears, and considering them from a much more broad, and balanced perspective, people are more likely to remove harsh thoughts. An example of this demonstrated in a chart comparing realistic and unrealistic thoughts reading, "I always screw things up, I'm such a loser. What's wrong with me?", labeling this as a thought that is not balanced and unrealistic. This is so given that the person in belittling himself and suggests that they are
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