Cognitive Approach Case Study

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The rise of important names in the field ofpsychology, such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, shifted this financial perspective to a more biological understanding:that the customer was influenced by biological drives based on instinct when making product decisions. Studies fromthis period show that rationality andoutside factors didn’t influencethe choice of the customer as much as the economists thought. However, the Psychodynamic perspective did not exist for long, as the behaviorist scientists took their turn in deciding what influenced the customer’s decisions. Around the 1920s, behavioriststheorizedthat the customer’s decision is due to external factors.This perspective came as an opposition to the Psychodynamic theory and its downfall…show more content…
According to this approach, consumers are considered users of information that they obtain from external sources. Then, through their emotions, they filter that information and make the decision of which product they would like to buy. The Cognitive Approach changed continuously, offering an analytical tool for understanding consumer behavior. It has created somekey insights into determining consumer patterns. The studies concerning consumer behavior helped scholars of the management field to develop new management and marketing tools in order to attract customers. This was possible by using the Cognitive Approach to establish what factors influence the act of purchasing.By using those factors, businesses can manipulate consumer behavior. Modern marketing schools still use this approach in order to emphasize certain stimuli that attract customers. Whenbrainstorming and testing a new product, management teams often create various decoys in order to test the customer’s…show more content…
1.3 Current Trends in Customer Care and Management

So far we have talked about the full cycle of business dynamics and its three pylons (management, employees and customer service)from a historical perspective. We have seen how global events have changed the management of firms including the activities of employees; the consumer behavior influenced changes in the dynamics of the business world and as a consequence, customer service has to be enhanced continuously.

What iscurrent customer service?

Studies run by companies with specialization in data management offer statistical insightsinto customer perception and satisfaction.These studies also provide a necessary conclusion about how businesses need to change in order to answer to the requirements of their
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