Cognitive Appraisal Model Of Stress

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In order to talk about the strategies to cope with stress and the effects stress has on people, we need to know what stress is. Stress is a negative emotional states, happening in responses to events that are are perceived as physically or mentally a person’s ability to cope. There are three types of effects on stress; physical, emotional, and cognitive. The first one I want to discuss about is physical effects of stress. Walter Cannon recognized the endocrine system, which is the system of the glands that is located throughout everyone’s body, that produce hormones into the bloodstream. And what he did was involve the flight-or-fight response, that is someone having a psychological reaction that happens in response to a sense of something…show more content…
Richard Lazarus thought of the cognitive appraisal model of stress is a evaluation on how we experience stress and see how much we depend on our mental judgement. Cognitive is the mental pursuits involved in using or obtaining knowledge. More so having daily hassles and burnouts throughout someone’s day. Daily hassles are everyday events or occasions that could annoy or bother a person. Such as; concerns about one’s weight or concerns about not having enough money for the week. It could be having an issue with too many interruptions or having too much workload or realizing failing a class could be happening. This is all connected to mental illness and having unhealthy behavioral issues. A burnout is more so about having an unhealthy condition created by prolonged stress of work, causing exhaustion and having a feeling of failure, some have a sense of reduced productivity. People develop a negative attitude toward their work environment. This all is happening inside, the emotions of people get the best of them. Becoming over powered by stress, slowly shutting down, mainly college students have this problem going on as a daily. On the other hand there is emotional effects on stress. There are chronic negative emotions, that are linked with poor health may deal with stress more intensely with daily hassles. But there are also positive emotions, being calm and relaxing with certain situations. In all honesty, it really depends on how a person wants to handle the stress that is handed to them, Either they can be optimistic or pessimistic. Stress can give someone minor setbacks but that doesn’t mean to stop and accept
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