Cognitive Abilities In The Workforce: What Is True Intelligence?

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Cognitive Abilities in the Workforce: What is True Intelligence? The “Kenyon Commencement Speech,” by David Foster Wallace, explains the intellectual thought process of how people think in the white-collar business’s higher-income lifestyle, while “Blue-Collar Brilliance,” by Mike Rose, depicts how a blue-collar worker develops great cognitive skills through working a lower income job. While these passages have separate settings, in which one shows the life-style of college graduate in commission and the other a simple high school graduate’s career, both give great insight on the proper meaning of intelligence and its overall impact on a worker’s mentality. Many ideas on the opinion of intelligence white-collar and blue-collar jobs require…show more content…
Wallace reiterates what freedom truly is and the way it makes up a person’s daily life. This true freedom is achieved by “attention and awareness and discipline, and being able to truly care about other people and to sacrifice for them over and over.” To Wallace, this is the only real way to be highly sophisticated in both a mental state and the determination to get you through day to day tasks. By looking at how other people live their life, it will open up a more colorful and lively world instead of living by the default-setting of daily routines. In the blue-collar world, especially a waitress at that, most job efficiency and payment is determined by how the costumer and co-workers are treated. Rose’s mother, being a waitress, always has to put a costumer first, “and so she became adept at reading social cues and managing feelings, both the costumers and her own.” Being able to understand the emotional states and psychological attitudes of other people is learned everyday by certain blue-collar workers to complete this bigger picture. Both author’s feel that in the everyday world , a person should have the attitude of understanding the feelings of another in order to have a fulfilled mental state throughout their day and working

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