Coffee Shop Case Study

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The coffee shop industry is an ever growing field with innumerable advantages for both owners and consumers. With 50% of the American population having at least one cup of coffee each day, and each having an average of 3.1 cups a day, there is no denying the major role of coffee shops. Coffee shops alone account for $12 billion of the $18 billion United States coffee market. While there are still threats that come with coffee shops, the opportunities are endless.
Each coffee shop has their differences to make them stand out from the others, but overall they are all making the same product, coffee. Each coffee shops major products include coffee, both hot and iced, specialty drinks and other beverages. Besides coffee, coffee shops generally
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A few SIC codes that apply to the coffee shop industry are 5812 which is a eating place, 5499 which is miscellaneous food stores, 2095 which is roasted coffee. Other codes can apply, but these best represent the coffee shops industry as a whole.
As the number of coffee shops continues to rise, there amount of information for those directly involved in the industry also rises. A popular way used to communicate information, whether it be new information on coffee itself or news on a certain business, is with trade magazines that deliver all of this information. A few popular magazines are the Tea and Coffee Trade Magazine, the Barista Magazine, the Roast Magazine, and the Fresh Cup Magazine. These magazines bring news, tips, and events about each and every aspect of a coffee shop.
While labor unions play a major role in most industries, that is not the case when it comes to the coffee shop industry. Coffee shops together do not have a labor union for its members to be apart of, but Starbucks does offer one to its workers. It is uncommon for Starbucks workers to be apart of the union, but it still works for higher wages for baristas and for the company to realize workers
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