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A Bunn Coffee Maker can make a full pot of coffee in just 3 MINUTES! How 's that for fast? I admit it: I am a coffeeholic. I drink coffee morning, noon and night. I drink it when I get up. I drink it immediately before bed. For me, there is nothing more frustrating than waiting and waiting for a coffee maker to make a pot of coffee. With other brands of coffee makers, the cold water that you pour in has to be heated each time you make a new pot. This takes time, sometimes up to 10 minutes or more, depending on the brand. But, with the Bunn coffee maker, as long as the main switch is on, the water will always be hot, waiting for you to add the coffee! That 's because the water you pour in goes into a reserve tank where it heats and then stays…show more content…
When you pour in more cold water, the hot water drains out to make your coffee and the cold water then takes its place to be heated. So, in 3 minutes, you can have a pot of coffee! It doesn 't get any better than that! For years, I had seen Bunn Coffee Makers in convenience stores. I always wished I had one at home, but Bunn Coffee Makers are rather expensive - about $100. Previously, all my coffee makers had been inexpensive, usually $10-$15, and their length of service (usually a year, two if I was lucky) proved that you get what you pay for. As a wedding present, my brother got us a Bunn 10 cup Coffee Maker. I was ecstatic. From the first pot, it was love. "The unique sprayhead design creates the right amount of turbulencet o suspend ground coffee and extract flavor evenly and thoroughly. With most coffee makers, water drips straight through without evenly exposing all coffee granules to the water.", states the Bunn Instruction Manual. The Bunn Coffee Maker has a warming plate under the pot to keep the coffee hot and a light to show that it…show more content…
This is the main switch for turning the water tank off. If you accidentally turn off this switch instead of the warming plate switch on the front, you will not have hot water the next time you go to brew a pot of coffee. My Bunn pot is made of glass, making for exceptionally easy clean up. The instructions say to use only Bunn coffee filters as they are higher than regular filters, but I just use regular filters and have never had a problem. My first Bunn, my wedding present, lasted for 6 years - a record at my house! I bought my second Bunn for $75 on sale and it is still going strong after 4 years. So it is well worth the money. The ONLY thing I would change about my Bunn Coffee Maker is its size. It is bigger than the space between my counter and the cabinet above, so I have to have it on a separate counter off to the side with no cabinet above. It stands 14.3" high, 13.8" long and 7.1 inches wide. It is not huge, but its bigger than the average, run of the mill $10 coffee maker. I would not give up my Bunn for anything. Even though it was 6 times more than I normally paid for a coffee maker, it has lasted much longer and is so time saving. 3 minutes for a pot of perfectly brewed coffee. I think I 'll go make a
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