Coffee Bean Bonanza Case Study

Welcome to the 2015 coffee bean bonanza. In the blue corner we have the territorial, greedy, selfish Coffee Addicts! And in the red corner we have the compromising, understanding, courteous everyday people!
Why is it that we have some people in society that are addicted to coffee, who feel the need to occupy a certain space in ‘their’ coffee shop when its seen as totally outrageous by us everyday people? There really isn’t any need for this type of behaviour if all they plan to do is sit and drink coffee.
Unless you have some rare condition that require a certain amount of light through a window and has to be so far away from the street there is really no need for the nonsense that they seem to carry on with when they can’t get their own way.
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Pacing around, fidgeting, unaware of the disturbance they can cause.
Even then they can be as territorial as a crocodile protecting its young. To be honest, it is not necessary at all to act in this way.
Everyone else waits their turn in line and how are they supposed to know that that seat was in fact a seat of the regulars that would attack if they had even the slightest idea that you were sitting in their seat.
This can affect the sales of the business, as other customer could be drawn away due the simple fact that there maybe have been a disturbance there. Or even that there is simply too much hassle having to deal with these kinds of people.
There is actually no need for this type of behaviour from these coffee addicts.
How many times have you heard someone say, ‘Get off the free Wi-Fi, I want more!’ Gee, I wonder if they know that that’s not how the Wi-Fi works.
Do people, especially coffee addicts, know that even if there are less people using the Wi-Fi that it for a fact does not change the speed of it? Not one little bit. If you have noticed that people goes strange when there is Wi-Fi involved, not to mention that it’s
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Coffee shop are seen as a social place. Yeah right, more like the ‘social media’ side of being social. There are so many effects that this can have on your brain, not to mention what has already happened to our brains.
Dr Gary Small conducted an experiment that had 24 people use the internet for certain time periods over the course of so many days. Every day their brains were scanned to show any changes. By the time that they had been told to spend 5 hours on the internet, there were astonishing results.
‘Five hours on the internet, and the naive subjects had already rewired their brains.’
Large blob like shapes had appeared on the brain scan showing that there had been some sort of change in the way that the brain was working. The brain had basically rewired its self by the simple means on using the internet.
Add all of this in the caffeine intoxicated brains of our coffee addicts and you have a recipe for either disaster or total world domination.
Now you’re probably wondering how on earth these people survive if they didn’t get their coffee fix for the day.
Well there is actually health problems that can be caused by drinking too much coffee like anxiety and muscle

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