Code of Hammurabi and the Torah

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The purpose of this paper is to evaluate historical terms, philosophical in nature, deriving from times of unrest and in the midst of uncertainty; true meanings have been discussed by metaphorical concepts. Authors Andrea/Overfield has given us the ability to devise and conceptualize historical practices and terminology insight. Metaphors, linguistic interpretations, encompassing personal inheritance, spoken situations that’s bring upon a distorted meaning can be observed within many religions and/or cultural beliefs. Ethical codes of human behaviors have long been guided by influential impact of beliefs, and throughout the history of humans, Polytheistic and Christianity have developed formidably unwavering concepts. The guidance of human behaviors is at the heart of social conformity and acceptable community norms, and during times that question humanities survivability, formulated words deriving of cultural beliefs, paves the way for civilization.
Jewish’s versions of “Eye for and Eye” is well spoken of through several passages within the bible, in which the resulting outcome is evaluated as a form of restorative justice. For example, Leviticus 24:20, eye for an eye”, “one who has inflicted, suffer the same injury (BibleGateway). If you take from me, you shall suffer the same consequences, indicative of fairness, a retributive function. The term “Slave” is closely related to the term brother and although during times of biblical days slaves were kept, they were treated as members of the community. What is being observed with this terms and considering the religious nature of this terms, it is a means of providing corrective behaviors through the use of their laws, however, terms as such in another cultures will display signif...

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...oric meanings. Depending on the totality of the circumstances, an “Eye for and Eye” in some cases does not mean what it written. Conceptualized during times of great need, both provide their people with a different mentality of survival. Although some difference can be located, the based background developments are the same, to push individual in doing the right thing. During times of human disparity, pivotal creations of motivating and inspirational encouragements derive from situations questioning society’s behaviors.

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