Code Of Hammurabi Dbq

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307 words

I believe that the first few laws written in The Code of Hammurabi depicts how King Hammurabi ran the society during that time period. Many of the laws enforce harsh consequences such as death to discourage breaking the law, but these laws also would have created a prosperous society. This is because many of these laws protected personal property and the society of people which leads to the protection of civilization as a whole. An example would be the fifty third law of the code, in which if a farmers dam broke and flooded others property, the farmer would have to pay for the ruined grain or give all his possessions to the farmers fields that he flooded. This law would severely discourage farmers to let their farm lay to waste not only because

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the first few laws written in the code of hammurabi depicted how king hammuabi ran the society during that time period. the fifty third law shows the importance of agriculture in the ancient babylonian society.
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