Code Of Ethics In The CYC Practice

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Understanding ethical child and youth care (CYC) practice. Not many individuals may be aware that all professions have their own set of Code of Ethics that they need to obey. In order to have a better understanding one need to have a basic definition of what Code of Ethics is. According to Early Childhood Australia has specified that it is a set of declaration that members of a profession needs to follow in terms of standards and values. In the framework of a Child and Youth Care practitioner, the Code of Ethics supports the morals and value of a CYC practitioner as well as what is expected of them towards their co-workers and clients. Furthermore, CYC practitioners’ plays an important role in the society as these roles are to achieve high standard of quality in their field of work under the controlling by the significant of the code of ethics. In this essay an attempt will be made to discuss why ethical practise is essential regarding to Child and Youth profession. Moreover, my view on how unethical practice should be doubt with will be considered along with an example about ethical misconduct. The ethical norms under a professional conduct may be distinguished between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour as it is the most mutual way of outlining the word “ethics” (Resnik, 2013). Furthermore, Resnik (2013) has stated that the rules of research have upheld a variety of other important moral and social values for examples social responsibility, human rights, obedience with the law as well as health and safety. More from Resnik (2013) research as declared some of the importance of ethics of CYC practitioners such as honesty, objectivity, integrity, carefulness, openness, respect, responsibility, competence and lastly loyalty. Add... ... middle of paper ... ...the issues that cause social workers to conduct unethical act are desperation, greed and impairment. Social worker may have financial difficulty as they will take part in fraud or illegal activity such as dealing with drugs or claiming false official claims. Some social workers are influenced more my greed than desperation as this greed may lead to fraud intended to enhance incomes. In conclusion, in all of these uncertainties social work is to enhance human to solve complex social problems as it may be a serious, empathetic and honourable practitioner. However, Practitioners should be more aware of the legal consequences which are under the ethical guidelines. The Social Service Professions Act will take account for when penalty for unethical and unprofessional practises by CYC practitioners is needed to looks at (Policy Guidelines for Course of Conduct, 2011).

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