Code Of Ethics In Nursing Practice

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The nursing profession recognises the universal human rights of people and the moral responsibility to safeguard the inherent dignity and equal worth of everyone. This includes recognising, respecting and, where possible, protecting the wide range of civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights that apply to all human beings. According to code of ethics the nursing profession’s commitment to respect, promote, protect and uphold the fundamental rights of people who are both the recipients and providers of nursing and health care. In this given scenario, a male nurse is preparing an elderly aboriginal woman for theatre procedure. In the preparation, male nurse is removing the underpants of an elderly aboriginal woman against her will.…show more content…
nursing competency standards have developed over last two decades to better inform the public and profession of what can be exited from nurses in a range of practice settings. The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC) has developed national competency standard for registered nurse that apply for the professional nursing practice conducted by nursing professionals. in edition to nursing standards nursing practice is governed by code of ethics and code of professional conduct which recognise the nurses have a responsibility to consider human rights in their care of individuals and communities. the code of ethics clearly recognise the model of care for aboriginal people must include physical spiritual and cultural wellbeing as an expected whole. code of ethics also stats nurses have the responsibility to provide culturally competent and culturally responsive care to every person requiring…show more content…
In Australia, Nursing professionals need to work within the context of Civic law that relates to patient’s safety, negligence advice, patient consent, patient freedom of movement and patient property to avoid lawsuits and liability. In given scenario, Male nurse has breached the civic low by removing underpants against elderly aboriginal women against her will. When competent patient is treated without consent, that patient has right to sue for and assault. Its also, if patient claims that male nurse has carried out treatment or preparing her for a theatre procedure without sufficient information being given, that patient can sue male nurse for

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