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Throughout my entire life, I have come across many different types of people and experience new things that shape my ethics. Yet I personally think that religion and my parents had the most impact on me for shaping my ethics over the time. My parents taught me very important core values since I was young. If I had made any mistakes, my parents would tell me what I have done wrong and expected me not to repeat my mistakes. They guide me towards a way that I should be a good member of society. In addition, religion taught me that I should live my life as a better person. I may not be a perfect follower, but religion has answered many life questions, which I had. My parents and religion were the two main cores that shape me as a person.
I personally
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In my code for caring, I know that all life is important. Yet if a person’s is suffering or has an extreme medical condition then people are sometime put down such as a coma patient. Some people feel as though they do not have right to take a person life until they are death just like the “Baby Theresa” discussion. Yet people have different viewpoints about caring for life. Some people may not respect everything around them such as rules or laws. People do not tend to respect everything because they might have a different perspective on a certain rule or cultural standpoint. Sometimes people do not tend to be honest because they might see being honest is a greater harm than a greater good. People do lie in certain situation to create a better outcome or not. It depends on the situation. The definition of Utilitarian is “good is what produces more pleasure or happiness than pain” (Birsch 77). I think my personal ethics code of caring would go well with this situation. When people care for others they want to make sure that, the world is happy. Just like Utilitarian focuses on people happiness. Yet the major difference is that when caring for any living thing you make sure it’s not harm in any way. While for Utilitarian is majority rule if a large group agrees on a certain issue, then the people will take the action despite it might hurt a small group of…show more content…
I think respect goes well with this theory because we have to respect the rules of society and people as well. By respecting rules and people, it creates a peaceful environment in society. Most people do respect certain rules, but they do not tend to respect each other. Respect is something a person has to earn while for, but Social Contract is something a person must follow. One is more mandatory than the other to gain benefits.
Kantian Ethics is defined by “Act only from moral rules that you can at the same time will to be universal moral laws” (Quinn 68). I think my personal ethics code for being honesty goes well with this topic. When people admire honesty, then other people tend to follow that rule. There is a saying “honesty is the best policy”. People around the world know this act is universal. Yet the difference is that people are not honest always, but that doesn’t mean that people gave up on honesty. The rule of being honest still upholds in the entire world despite some people being dishonest to the
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