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14. CRITICAL ASSESSMENT 14.1. Approach and process to develop the Code of Ethics According to Buchholtz & Carroll (2009), top management are required to establish ethical standard behaviour and communicate those standards across the organisation. Reach-Out as an organisation has utilised the Ethics Officer for the development and communication of the code. The successes or failure of the code lies in whether this code is treated as a living document for organisational behaviour, that each stakeholder believes in it and makes decisions based on it. The Ethics Officer engaged numerous stakeholders, internally and externally in the development of the code; this ensured buy-in by all stakeholders as well as effective roll-out communication. According to Buchhotz & Carroll (2009), there is an assumption that the board of directors would have an oversight and leadership on the ethics initiative and as such also behave morally, and this fact has however, been proven untrue with major corporation scandals around the world. Thus by engaging the board of directors first, the Ethics Officer ensured that expected behaviours for Reach-out are translated into the code first from the board, and that the board is guided by the code in making decisions, since this originated from them first. Bochhultz & Carroll (2009) further indicated that a major study on the effectiveness of the code of ethics found that there is a relationship between the code and employee behaviour. To achieve congruency and buy-in for the code for employees, the Ethics Officer involved all employees at all levels, as well as the labour unions. This approach is essential, since the code is binding to all members of the organisation. This approach ensured that the code is... ... middle of paper ... ... With regards to internal training, attendance should be made mandatory for all employees and identified representatives. This will ensure that every employee and representation is held accountable for any action/behaviour contrary to the code and that they are aware of their obligations. Reach-Out should train all new employees on the code, on the first day of office. This would make certain that the employee is aware about the standard required before attempting any work activities going forward. Reach-Out needs to properly setup support services like helpline and reporting system in addition to Ethics Officers unit. With the helpline, stakeholders have avenues for voicing their concerns and seek advice confidentially on ethical issues and the reporting system mechanism will be able to capture confidential disclosures for unethical conducts and possible risk areas.

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