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Code of Ethics City of San Luis, Mexico In order to best serve the citizens and customers of the city of San Luis, Mexico, the employees and elected and appointed officials of the city must act independently and cooperatively. They need to act this way to be able to create a city government that will be responsible, open, fair, and honest. The employees and officials would have to demonstrate the high standards of honesty, integrity, and the conduct on such activities, in order for the pubic to have confidence on its people. The purpose of this code of ethics is to establish a policy and guidelines that will reflect on the expected values and behaviors from the employees, and the elected and appointed officials. The customers and citizens of the city of San Luis, Mexico, must receive the highest standards of ethics from all those in the public service, regardless of their personal consideration. The employees and officials of the city of San Luis, Mexico, should be responsible for the fulfillment of their duties. Responsibilities in the Public Service The city official and employees are responsible and obligated to uphold the rules, regulations, and laws for the city of San Luis, Mexico. The employees and city officials are required to maintain a high standard of integrity, honesty, and they are expected to treat all members of the public with respect, concern, and responsiveness. The conduct that is provided from the employees and public officials should be reproach to be sure that they will not use their position for personal gain. Responsiveness refers to the quick agreement by an organization to the popular demands for policy change (Starling 162). Also, it can mean that the government takes the initiative in the proposal o... ... middle of paper ... ...they will violate the code of ethics. For a reason the code of ethics is established, and it needs to be followed. Works Cited Denhardt, Robert B. and Janet V. Denhardt. 2006. Public Administration an Action Orientation, 5th ed. Belmont, CA: Thomson Wadsworth, Chapter 4, The Ethics of Public Service, pp. 127-157. Geuras, Dean and Charles Garofalo. Practical Ethics in Public Administration. 3rd ed. Vienna, VA: Management Concepts, 2011. Print. Schermerhorn, John. 2007. Exploring Management in Modules. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Ethics and Ethical Behavior, pp. 48-59. Shafritz, Jay and E. W. Russell, and Christopher Borick. 2007. Introducing Public Administration, 5th ed. New York, NY: Pearson-Longman, Chapter 5, Honor, Ethics, and Accountability, pp. 174-211. Starling, Grover. Managing the Public Sector. 9th ed. Boston: Wadsworth, 2010. Print.

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