Code Name Verity

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Olivia Rau Ms. Hackett English 8 Period 4 May 22, 2014 Book Report Book Title: Code Name Verity Author: Elizabeth Wein Number of Pages: 368 Genre: Historical Fiction Point of View: Third person, First person The point of view is third person because the girl Verity (narrator) is writing the story of what happened to Maddie while they were together. It is also first person because the narration switches to a girl named Maddie who describes what she is doing and what she sees. Setting: The book takes place during the 1940s in Nazi occupied France. The majority of the book is told in Ormaie, France. Verity is captured by the Nazis and kept in an old hotel that has been turned into a jail for captured prisoners. There is very little light in the cells and all the doors are bolted from the outside. She has a bed and a blanket in her small “cell”. There are many other rooms including the kitchen and the interrogation room that she visits during her stay there. Main Character: The main character is Verity. Although her real name is Lady Julia Lindsay MacKenzie Wallace Beaufort-Stuart she prefers Verity. Verity is originally from Scotland. She grew up in Castle Craig. She always looks very nice and is always presentable. Here hair is always is a chignon and her nails are never without a manicure. Verity originally was in school in Switzerland where she learned to speak fluent German. Maddie her best friend who is a pilot has black hair with thick curls. It is so short that it can’t fit into a ponytail. She is one of the only girl pilots at her airbase. She has a big fear of a bomb dropping on her grandparents. She is very nervous that she will have her flying license taken away for doing something t... ... middle of paper ... at what she might have been feeling. This is an example of a simile. It is a simile because it is comparing using like. Theme: The theme of the story has to do with friendship. Maddie always thought she would never find her best friend. Being one of the only females at the airbase made those chances slimmer. That was until she meet Verity. The became very close building their relationship throughout the whole book. Even when the were separated the reader could tell their bond was ever growing. Recommendation: I thought that the story about true friendship within the book was really good. But I wouldn’t recommend it to a friend. I think that the fact that she added so many things about different aircrafts and the war that it drowned out the real point of the story. I wish that there were less facts because then I would have enjoyed it so much more.
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