Coconut Culture In The Philippines

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I am a first-generation Filipino-American in my family. Though I was born and raised in the United States, my childhood meals were often influenced by my parents’ culture. One food that was very present in our lives was coconut. I remember coconuts being incorporated into many of my meals, mainly desserts. We could have the coconut meat prepared different ways: shredded into our food, garnished on top of our food, or scraped straight from the shell. We often drank the coconut water as well. Family parties often included buying a bunch of coconuts to cut and prepare just seconds before consuming them. My mother even used coconut oil for my hair and skin as a child, since it is so full of nutrients. When I have visited the Philippines, I saw…show more content…
Community markets and fruit stands sell coconut juice for tourists or locals. Vendors also sell wherever they can: schools, parks, malls, business, or anywhere with potential buyers. However, the cycle of people demanding coconuts and the Philippines producing large amounts of coconuts result in the country’s coconut industry to be oriented around its exports. The coconut is one of the top exports of the Philippines. According to an article by Tiffany Ap of CNN, Philippine coconut exports are growing at a massive rate (Ap). The Philippines must catch up to the world’s demand to have this superfood. Many global companies accept and sell coconuts that have been exported by the Philippines. The United Coconut Associations of the Philippines (UCAP) listed the top coconut product exports in the month of December of 2015. The top nine items were virgin coconut oil, coconut water, coco milk powder, glycerin, bath soap, coconut milk liquid, laundry soap, fresh coconuts, and coco flour. The top three products yielded more than one billion dollars for the country. These products go to countries like the United States, Malaysia, North Korea, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Myanmar, China, and many more (“Performance of Ph 's Top Non-Traditional Coco Products Export in December 2015 - United Coconut Associations of the Philippines”). Some specific companies from the Philippines that export coconuts and coconut products include Celebes Coconut Corporation and JPEGR Drinks and Beverage Enterprises (“Coconut Exporters, Coconut Manufacturers, Food & Beverage Directory International B2B”). The PCA is the main authority in the coconut industry since the government controls it. Filipino farmers harvest their coconuts, either on their own or using hired help, to have their produce shipped around the
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