Cochlear Implants

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Ever since I was a little girl. I’ve been surrounded by the deaf community. My mother was the reason for it all. She was born totally deaf in both ears, to two hearing parents. She attended Midland Park elementary and high school, schools for the hard of hearing and deaf. My mother grew up in a household where her parents refused to learn ASL (American Sign Language), and where most of her family members barely knew the language themselves, but they tried.

Being in this position she had no other choice but to be vocal, which isn’t very common among the deaf. My mother’s speech is very outstanding, and her lip reading is fantastic. I haven’t met many other deaf people with such great speaking ability. Growing up she would always get told, “Kerrie, why don’t you consider getting a cochlear implant?” With her being very confident, secure, and proud of who she is and the community in which she has grown up in, she refused every time the question was asked. Although she was a good candidate, she stood her ground for what she felt was right and refused to be changed for other people.

My mother knows there is nothing wrong with her, just like every other person in the deaf community. They are perfectly fine. They, like any other human, work hard and get by living their lives. Each of them have families and jobs and hobbies. To them, they believe that doctors have this need and desire to “fix the deaf” and “reverse their hearing”. This creates an uproar within the deaf community. Although CIs (cochlear implants) maybe be shown to be effective and work these miracles, CIs are not as beneficial as doctors say. I personally believe that children should have the choice to have the cochlear implant surgery for themselves and parents shou...

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... the fact that their child is a little different than others around them. Cochlear implants are a beginning not an end. Cochlear implants require such attention and hard work and commitment afterward that maybe it is too much for a child, at such a young age, to deal with. So much thought goes into cochlear implants. A lot of factors to take into consideration. This is why I believe having this procedure done should be the choice of the child so that they may first experience what is like before their life makes a complete turn.

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