Cochlear Implant Essay

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Deaf people make unique population in the world today but unfortunately, deaf population may extinct due to widespread use of bionic ears, which is cochlear implant. Cochlear implant is a surgically implanted electronic device that provides a sense of sound to a person who is profoundly deaf or hard of hearing. The cochlear implant controversy therefore involve questions about allowing cochlear implant for newborn to ten years old or does the cochlear implant pose a serious threat to deaf community or why wouldn’t a deaf person want to become hearing and forth on. It is harmful both to individual health and the deaf community. The people who receive a cochlear implant is very risks from the surgical which it could damage to the facial nerve that can cause stroke, paralysis, and other injuries including the possibly attacks of dizziness or vertigo, infection, numbness around the ear, cerebrospinal fluid leakage, and taste disturbances. How does it differ from hearing aids? The hearing aids work by amplifying sound, flexibility, and accessibility for repairs. You can take advantage of new technology as it becomes available just like you can take advantage of new iPhone device generation when it becomes available. While cochlear implant perform implant surgery, as the implant will be placed behind and above the ear. If the implant broke down or wore out then it will need more surgeries, which are the factors that can lead to paralysis. Mainly, it depends on the person and their hearing loss level. If a person want to hear the sounds of bird or people talking or listening to the music therefore cochlear implant can be helpful. There are some people who have hearing loss but may be able to hear some sounds so hearing aids can be help... ... middle of paper ... ...Doctors. To be clear, cochlear implant do not hold a miracle cure for deafness. There are some people that will come up to deaf people who they barely know, and tell them that we should get Cochlear Implants. And it is these ignorant people thought it would totally fix everything. Things that bother me; 90% of deaf children are born to a hearing parents, very few of those knew about deaf yet doctors, audiologists, and medical people bring up the first thing about cochlear implants. Deaf children’s education in the future didn’t matter to doctors, audiologists, and medical people. Also, deaf children have the right to make personal choices, not parents. I believe, the most people will feel comfortable when parents waiting for the child to be old enough to make an educated decision of their own. moment parents begin to consider cochlear implantation for their child.

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