Coca Cola's Mission to Refresh the World in Mind, Body, and Spirit

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Introduction Coca Cola, the product which was invented by pharmacist John Stith Pembaton in 1886 to be the world’s most quality taste (Bellis, 2011). Moreover, in 1889 the Coca Cola brand and formula was bought by Asa Candler (the founder of Coca Cola Company) and incorporated the Coca Cola Company in 1892 (Bellis, 2011). The company manufacture, distribute and market the beverage around the world. The company’s main missions is to refresh the world- in spirit, mind and body, to inspire the moments of optimism through their actions and brand and to make difference and create value everywhere they join in. The company has their visions in order to achieve their missions. They aim to have high profit and to accomplish this goal they provide wide variety of products to its customers and work with the shareholder’s. In addition to that the company aim to provide a better work environment to increase the productivity and make it lean and effective. The company has their winning culture which means the things required to make their vision a reality in 2020. Muhtar Kent the CEO of the coca cola company says that the company markets 4 of the world’s top 5 non-alcoholic beverages to more than 200 countries. The Coca Cola Company targets their products for people above 12years and tends to have a better quality product by customers comments on the variety of drinks (cocacola). External factors There are many factors to look after while companies undergo marketing process. A company must be aware of the external environment to be profitable and to compete. The Coca Cola Company has to check the external factors to achieve the goals. Technological factors The technology is changing and evolving day by day so it is important to understand... ... middle of paper ... ...These three things can be there USPs because none of the other product has the brand name the trademark and their bottle shape. Conclusion If the company wants to achieve their goals they have to analyse the environment. Moreover, every company’s goal is fulfilled when they have maximum market. If Coca Cola Company analyse the environmental factors it will be easy to produce the flavour that customers wants and also can which environment they are going to market the product. If the company analyse environmental factors it can be known what type of product to produce. For example, in some countries they may have high market on Coca Cola cans. There is few disadvantages that may arise like the product may be not suitable for the culture, may not have high market or may not get enough profit. So it is important to analyse environmental factors and market the product.
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