Coca Cola Weaknesses

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1. Limited range; no diet alternatives
In this time of changing social attitudes towards health, it is a huge weakness to not offer diet alternatives such as Coca-Cola Amatil has done with Sprite Zero and Diet Sprite.
2. Poor product placement means less availability
Frucor does not have deals with many fast food restaurants (frequented by the target market) in the same way Coca-Cola Amatil does (with McDonalds and Burger King) which hinders its product availability and sales potential.
3. No longer New Zealand owned
The “buy New Zealand made” attitude can damage Frucor sales now it is owned by Suntory; patriots are more likely to purchase local alternatives such as Six-Barrel Soda (a Wellington owned and operated company).
4. Branding confusion
As a soft-drink marketed as an energy drink, it is
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Their consumer decisions are strongly influenced by this desire. They tend to be competitive, individualist and ambitious people who are seeking more out of their life. Having other people look up to them and consider them successful is important to the Something Better Segment, so they are very concerned about image - wearing the right clothes, driving the right car, living in the right area etc. The key issue with this segment is that everything is a comparative. The group only has something better when it is compared to something or someone else. As a consequence they tend to be concerned about what other people are doing” (Levine, 1997). This means the Mountain Dew brand has to be better; more environmentally friendly, healthier, and, more convenient. These are This is in close link with the Look at Me’s who are also vastly concerned with image, and an easy segment to expand the target market into for this reason. Mountain Dew can offer value to this
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