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The Coca-Cola Company is currently in a strong competitive position in comparison to its rival companies, dominating the carbonated soft drink market with a market share of 48.6 percent in 2015 according to Bloomberg. It is true that the firm’s annual report on Form 10-K shows a decrease of 4% in net operating revenues from 2014 to 2015 but the company still appears to be in a sound financial position with at 2% increase in volume of its beverage products, favorable product mixes in emerging markets, and a foreseeable increase in revenue from investments and recent acquisitions. Coca-Cola has distinctive competences in consumer marketing and distribution operations that are both likely to be sustainable. However, as seen
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Through excellent marketing strategies, the firm attracted a loyal customer base of all ages and maintain a massive global presence, operating in more than 200 countries. According to Statista, the company’s brand value in 2016 is currently 80.31 billion. The firm’s key success factor is its strong distribution network and its ability to utilize their own distributors to manage costs, maintain quality control, introduce new products quickly, and access to new geographic markets. In addition, the company has diversified its product portfolio, owning a wide variety of valuable brands to cater a broader range of customer needs. On the contrary, the weaknesses of the business include foreign currency fluctuations, unfavorable economic or political conditions, and deficiency in water management. With all things considered, it is true that there are some concerning aspects in internal processes and external factors, but the company’s situation is still exceptionally strong with its competitive advantage in vast geographic coverages, high market share, and its strong marketing and distribution processes. Therefore, the strengths will continue to support its success in competing, outweigh weaknesses, and allow time to correct competitive…show more content…
Therefore, taking on the opportunity to focus on each country for its own unique needs, tastes, and requirements will help increase revenue and profit growth. This strategic focus will cater a more valuable message to the customers which in turn, will drive long-term profitable growth. According to the firm’s SEC filing, the volume and product mix rose 2% in 2015 which shows there is a huge opportunity for growth in the worldwide market share and throughout the firm’s operating

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