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Across the world the work “ok” means the same thing. The next most worldwide term that understood is Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is a company that is large across the globe. Coca-Cola seems to be the choice beverage in the United States. This research paper will consist of knowing the history of the company and the facts of the industry that helps understand how the company went from being local to global. Every company has a target market and a certain buyers’ market that buys their product. Being a Multinational Corporation, there are many challenges that a company can face. For example, the risk, opportunities, and threats in this environment. There are cultures with different languages, which can cause obstacles with an operation. Coca-Cola has different strategies and operating procedures. Before becoming the largest soft drink company around the world, Coca-Cola was first produce to treat mental and physical disorder. Coca-Cola Company markets four of the world’s top five brands of soft drinks including Diet Coke, Fanta, Coca-Cola and Sprite. (Coca-Cola Corporation, n.d.) Coca-Cola is a well-known manufacturer around the world. Coca-Cola has an interesting background about how it was invented. The timeline of Coca-Cola started all the back in 1886, created by a pharmacist by the name of John S. Pemberton. Doctor Pemberton had failed at a lot of things when it came to pharmacy, he tired invented drugs and medicine, but it didn’t work out for him. The first place that the drink was sold was in Jacob’s Pharmacy in May 1886. (Bellis, n.d.) Within the first year of the product being produce Pemberton took a lost, making around $50.00 and his expenses being above $70.00. A year later, John Pemberton sold the formula for Coca Cola to A... ... middle of paper ... ... recipe from getting taken by competition, the Foreign Direct Investment protects Coca-Cola from this happening. (CHEPTEGEI, 2012) In conclusion, the Coca-Cola Company strives for the best and have a major concern for their customers. With Coca-Cola facing obstacles against different protestors about their product they still manage to carry on of the top soft drinks known throughout the world. Cola-Cola took the initiative to understand different cultures, religions, and languages in order to become a Multinational Corporation. Coca-Cola attempted numerous foreign market entry strategies in order to grow its customer base and its revenues. Some of the entry strategies foreign direct investment, joint ventures, franchising and exporting. Even though all these approaches faced many obstacles the administration was effective in overcoming the trials. (CHEPTEGEI, 2012)

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