Coca Cola Commercial Analysis

1) a) A successful commercial is a memorable one because it makes a long lasting imprint on the consumer’s mind.
b) Encompassing the diverse languages of the nation in a commercial is a stride towards a successful nation.
Language plays a major role in the second argument because it argues the representation of diverse cultures besides the common one, English.
2) The second video gives a more in-depth look into the lives of these American citizens, by sharing heritage and background. If the critics of the first video viewed the second, I believe they would have had a different opinion regarding the representation of the diverse cultures because it gives the backstory of why these people were represented in the commercial. Moreover, in my
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Language can be a form of identification, so to use a multitude of languages in one commercial can offend people in ways many one didn’t think was possible.
5) The Coca-Cola commercial “It’s beautiful” was televised during the super bowl, reaching masses of people all over the country. The creators seemed to use an emotionally charged appeal to engage viewers. The ad included the song “America the beautiful” being sung by different races, colors, and origins from across the country. This helped the commercial brand by including diversity to the ad, which then appeals to the general public more so.
On another note, the ads main medium was the scenery of people along with audio stimulation of different dialects. This set the perfect setting of freedom to get across its core message, which was the Coca-Cola brand. The presentation of the ad was easy and personable, but yet controversial because of the inclusion of diversity among the ad. Using this tactic aided the ad to be memorable and not
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The first was English, which dominated with over 6 million users. The second category, Spanish, which included over 4 million, and lastly Asian and Pacific Island languages over 2 million. These statistics were surprising because I thought there would be a third language dominating the state instead of an overall grouped category of foreign languages.
After reading some the census reports regarding state needs, the reports reported the financial income of median household was higher compared to other states. Households were above pay average than most. Regarding poverty and homelessness, the census reported that 15% of people were under poverty level, compared to other states. In my opinion, this census isn’t surprising because many individuals come to California for opportunity, but sometimes fall short. Overall, the census presented gave much realization of how this state is doing compared to others which I think is above
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