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Share a Coke Campaign When speaking about soft drinks coca cola is one of the top brands to pop in people’s minds. Why is that? Coca cola has monopolized the soft drinks beverage world and it’s the top leading soft drinks company in the world. They have implemented many strategies and tactics in order to accomplish their success. Strategically planning their campaigns coca cola also utilized a couple of media theories such as social influence and demographics in order to convey a successful campaign to their consumers. Founded in 1886 Coca cola has been a strong company leading the charts in sales and ad campaigns. After conducting some research coca cola realizes that a vast amount of people have yet to try their product. In 2012 the company…show more content…
Coca Cola gave the public the power to interact and change the labels on their coke products in order for them to share as a gift. This type of power to the consumer made it possible for family and friends to interact with each other and the brand. Basically, the campaign was powered driven by the people. The social media community would fuel the campaign with pictures and videos sharing a special labeled coke with their loved ones online. They also utilize an emotional connection phase to connect with the people in an emotional way. Coca Cola let people shared their personal stories about them giving coke labels to their loved ones as a gift and their reaction to the act of kindness. The public went crazy hearing the great stories and consumers were hooked to share their stories as well. The campaign audience engagement was beneficial because it made people feel special about having something important to them in spread in a major product worldwide. By giving consumers a creative way to be heard though a label and stories Coca Cola was able to engage new customers to the brand. A great business move to build a relationship with its consumers and emerging customers. Coca Cola was trying to also convey a positive relationship with the people, letting them know that it’s their priority to satisfy the customer at the end of the…show more content…
Social influence has always been a major role when it comes to advertising with big companies. With that being said coca cola reached out to celebrities in order for them to endorse their products. By using social influence coca cola was able to endorse celebrities that have powerful influence on young consumers. For example, Selena Gomez endorsed the product on her social Instagram account. The upload analytics were superior with many impressions and views. The post was reposted and liked by millions of users. Selena Gomez endorsing the product was targeted at the young teen consumers who follow her in social media. Another theory Coca Cola used to their advantage was demographics. The company created a research plan to develop their target audience and consumer data. When using demographics as a strategy, the company develops full in-depth research about a regions or areas race, gender, age and other characteristics in order to convey their campaign at an effective level. Coca Cola started their campaign in Australia after realizing that many people in that area had never tried the products or interacted with the brand. They also studied the female and male population to see what gender consumer dominated their sales. After primary and secondary research they were able to launch their campaign targeting young adults and effectively spreading their campaign

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