Coca Cola Business Strategy Essay

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Coca Cola - as the world 's largest beverage company, from since its establishment has a history of over 110 years. The company in 1927 in Shanghai in China to establish the bottling factory, the annual output of 1,000,000 boxes. Coca Cola company to market in China can 't made such a grate success without a successful international marketing strategy, so this paper mainly introduces the business strategy Coca Cola company in China has taken to. Coca Cola beverage is compounded by an American Atlanta pharmacist in 1886, has a history of over 110 years. In 1999, the company beverage sales for the Coca Cola company is the world 's largest beverage company, brand value in 1998 reached 83,845,000,000 US dollars, three consecutive years…show more content…
Specifically, when China was an ordinary worker monthly wages is only dozens yuan, and the price of Coca Cola is one point five yuan a bottle, that is to say, a worker worked hard for a month, the result is also can earn ten bottles, more or less, of soft drink. This is still a drink? In the heart of the people, it has been completely is a luxury. This kind of drink, perhaps only shows in those hotels fine feasted. Coca Cola company choose this time to enter the Chinese market, what they considered is not the tiny market in that period, but what they are waiting is for the people 's standard of living rises significantly, they also know, finally this day will come. Therefore, in the day of Coca Cola enter the Chinese market to nowadays, its price has remained essentially unchanged, now, the average of monthly income in city is about dozens of hundreds, it 's not too high, but the price of a bottle of Coca Cola just less than two point five yuan, in other words, with less than…show more content…
Coca Cola 's former boss Wood Ralph had a famous saying: "Coca Cola is a carbonated water and sugar syrup, 99.61%. Without advertising, who will drink it? "1886 Coca Cola 's turnover is 50 dollar only, well the advertising fee is $ 46; in 1901 turnover is $ 120,000, the advertising fee is $ 100,000, now Coca Cola 's advertising fee was more than $ 600,000,000. How is Coca Cola company open the Chinese market step by step through advertising? Firstly let 's recall the advertising of Coca Cola 's in China to make the world. This is a relatively early AD, perhaps most of people do not know it. But we can understand its contents, I think the Coca Cola company purpose will become obvious. This advertisement is a beginning with a child with a bottle of Coca Cola, then a young man, after the lens to a distance, a large group of people of all ages and both sexes, each holding a bottle of Coca Cola, singing together. Coca Cola company through this advertising, aims to describe such a truth: Coca Cola is not only belongs to the United States, is not only belongs to a child, it belongs to everyone. At the same time, it gave people a hint, everybody loves Coca Cola, if you do not, you are not
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