Coca Cola Business Strategy Case Study

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Business strategy is about having perspective and time. Following the case study, the coca cola company has been noted to be among those with successful business strategies in the world market. Also, it is a large corporation with over 70,000 employees. It has established its brand in over 200 countries including Japan. Out of the 70,000 employees, 59,000 are spread out in the 200 nations across the globe. The case study provides the history of coca cola Company regarding strategies it has employed in the past and the rate of their success. The one-size fits all approach used by Goizueta served the company till his successor took over in the 1990s. The company’s primary problem was crafting and executing an effective strategy to utilize its…show more content…
The one-size fits all strategy asserts that a single message is used for all the products that the company produces. Regardless, each prod- uct should have a unique message that would not only uplift the global Coca-Cola brand but also the localized ones. In other words, the brand should be designed to support and correlate a mis- sion to end some of the pressing needs of people throughout the world. Also, the company can improve its efforts when it shortens the feedback loop between its local and international brands. It is recommendable for the Coca-Cola Company as a CEO to customize the strategies so that the customers from the local areas can still access the global brand. This implies that the local mar- kets should also sell the international brand of the drink in addition to the local ones in a bid to improve their association. This would ensure that both brands of the Coca-Cola drinks have ade- quate markets. In the end, the company would realize more profits than it did before. Coca-Cola would, therefore, be able to meet its objectives concerning the localization strategy and global- ization. It is recommendable for the Coca-Cola Company also to install systems that would allow its local brands to reach people across the world. In this sense, the local products can identify and serve new markets allowing them to serve as

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