Coca-Col Strategic Marketing Plan For Coca Cola

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1. Executive Summary

This report provides the details of a strategic marketing plan for the company Coca-Cola and its product, Coke Zero. Firstly a background of the company is provided and its product is analyzed through its target market and market positioning. The marketing mix is then used to develop a marketing plan and a conclusion is provided.

2. Background

Coca Cola is one of the leading and well known beverage companies in the world. Established in 1886 by Dr John Styth Pemberton. No matter which country it is produced in, people will recognize the beverage as coke. They became a registered company in March 27, 1944. A business man named Asa Griggs Candler bought Coca Cola and his marketing strategy and tactics led to its dominance. They have various products under their name which includes diet coke, Aquarius, Minute maid, Fanta, sprite etc. They have more than twenty one different brands starting from bottled water to coke. The coca cola company targets people who are at the age of 18 to 25. They satisfy people with their products. They have specific products for children and adults. They are very keen with their marketing skills. Their ability to know the customer need helps them to create value for the customers. They work with big retailers (chain) and small retailers which helps them to reduce cost and improve production or sales. More than 200 countries sell Coca cola. They are not manufactured in all the countries but they are sold everywhere. Coca cola also have a successful advertising effort. Market segmentation, advertising have played aggressively with their success. They have been official sponsors for big events like Olympics, Fifa etc. Every year, the company is bringing new foreign markets to bring h...

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...oderate and economical, different products for different location and individuals. The Coco-Cola had created a huge impact when it comes to marketing their product accordingly with respect to different culture and demography.
As a suggestion, I would recommend the company to provide and improve their R&D department and give more focus on innovative products and getting a proper feedback from the customers. The company should also indulge in health awareness and health care departments, which can socially impact the people and provide a good will to the company. As the saying “Customer is the true king” the company should be responsive to the people, bring out new and improved products which can give them a surety that the enterprise is ecofriendly and humane. To conclude the market study was very successful, it has given us a clear idea about the product responses.

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