Cob - A Natural Alternative

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1. Introduction According to the article, Cob - A Natural Alternative (Anderson, 2009), cob is a natural material that has constructed houses in many countries for hundreds of years. Cob homes are still standing today. Cob building is an inexpensive and Earth friendly. Cob building uses a simple mixture of clay, sand and straw fiber to create a durable structure. It is a well-known worldwide. In the United States, cob has replaced timber to create houses. People want to find the natural materials used, and therefore, people are interested in the cob. Soil and sand are basics of green material. It is normally mingled by foot or animals. A blender of straw fiber can flexible and tough to set them to stick together. The purpose of this research paper is to describe the significance of the cob house and why it should build to improve Thai environment. First, the paper will discuss the benefits of cob house. Second, it will focus on how cob houses protect from natural disasters. Finally, it will show why cob material will be able to build future home foundations. 2. Benefits of cob house 2.1 Benefits of the environmental According to the article, Questions and Answers about Cob (Dea Tech Research Inc, 2008), cob houses are formation came from nature. Natural material does not produce toxins and natural materials can be reused. Cob is proper to create natural walls and the natural wall can keep up inside temperature. The nature wall can make cool in the summer. The properties of vapor spread can control moisture. It imbibes smell in the cob house and it is an efficient noise obstacle. The natural wall also can make warm in winter. Natural walls collect energy from sunlight, and it released warmth during the night. So that inside... ... middle of paper ... ...nature. There are advantages of green building, the construction of clay can protect from natural calamity and the properties of natural materials are suitable for creating a home. The advantages of cob building are healthy lifestyle, economical energy usage, recyclable material and non-toxic constructing substances. Tapering wall is one of the techniques to help protect ecological environment. Thus, using natural material is an excellent choice for the builder to produce home foundation. In conclusion, it is important for surroundings to be disappearing with today's construction as these constructions will be in every part of their lives. Therefore, the environment was damaged by the construction in everyday life. It will be interesting to see what will happen in the future of Thai environment as many buildings have used natural material for building houses.

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